Some of our difficulties in life are as much social as they are personal. Advocacy is for community members who face inequality or injustice. This option may be in addition to or alongside traditional therapy or spiritual accompaniment.
School-Based Counseling
This option is ideal for minors who are struggling socially or academically with issues like ADHD, depression, anger/irritability, anxiety, or disruptive behavior. Based on a K-12 referral.
Case Management 
Coordinating services with various providers can be complex. Case management helps individuals and families stay connected with treatment in a continuum of care.
Many folks need a little dirt and sun to reconnect with themselves. Others simply want to grow food locally or get some vocational training. Whatever the need, this option is ideal for community volunteers as well as those receiving services through the free clinic.
Individual & Family Therapy
Many folks need a safe space and some helpful conversation to resolve a personal impasse, move forward in relationships, heal from the past, and grieve losses. Traditional therapy is ideal for those seeking professional counseling.
Spiritual Accompaniment
This option may include spiritual direction, worship, prayer, and training all wrapped up in one. It is ideal for individuals or groups to grow in conscious contact with our Creator.

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